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Finding the appropriate talent at the right time has been a challenge for organisations , especially if you don’t have the right recruitment agency helping you in your talent acquisition and sourcing. Choose the pricing that suits your requirements. Get an exclusive HR solution and dedicated manager for every campaign you launch.
As the top recruitment agency in Bangalore, India, we firmly believe that collaboration is the key to winning the top talent in any niche. With a customized, end to end recruitment solutions designed to adapt as per your requirements, we have one motive – to help you source , filter, interview & recruit the most suitable candidate.

Recruitment Solution

With our focussed & research driven methodology, and our network & access to the Indian & global talent pool, we add significant value to your hiring process & help you recruit talent from INDIA.

HR Consulting

Being an Expert in HR consulting with more than 7 years of experience, Multi Recruit specialises in creating, managing & implementing HR processes & Policies.

Payroll Service

We are a one stop, clear, transparent, and highly effective solution to simplify your end-to-end payroll needs. Experience hassle-free payroll.

Video Interviewing

Customize your remote interviewing experience for your candidates with our digital video platform that combines Sourcing, Screening, Scheduling, Interviewing , Assessments & Talent planning in one seamless system for better business performance.

Industries We Cater for Recruitment

As one of the leading recruitment agencies In India, Multirecuit offers comprehensive services including job seekers and employers satisfaction that makes placement and HR consulting simple.


What is a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies, also known as employment agencies, are those organisations that find suitable candidates for employers. They work on behalf of employers to find suitable candidates to fill their vacancies. Recruitment Agencies help save time & money and have access to extended candidates network that a company cannot reach on its own.

How do recruitment agencies work?

At Multi Recruit we follow a 11-step process of recruitment.

  1. Requirement Discussion/Gathering
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Drafting Hiring strategy & Hiring Plan
  4. Employer Branding Strategy
  5. Advertising – Job posting & Social outreach (Inbound & outbound)
  6. Active Sourcing of Candidates/Applications
  7. Candidate Screening & Shortlisting
  8. Interview Coordination & Assessments
  9. References & Background Verification
  10. Offer & Offer Follow Up
  11. Onboarding
Why should I use a recruitment agency to fill positions at my company?

Partnering with recruitment specialist such as Multi Recruit can be highly beneficial not only to hiring managers but to your company.

  • These are the reasons why to use Multi Recruit to fill all your positions:
  • Faster Hiring Turnaround Time.
  • Access to Broader pool of talent
  • Improvised Quality of Candidates
  • Recruitment Specific expertise
  • Employer Focussed
  • Employee Market Knowledge
  • Complete transparency of process
  • End to End support till Onboarding
What types of recruitment solutions does Multi Recruit offer?
  • Permanent Staffing / Full-Time Executive Hires
  • Contract / Temporary Staffing
  • Leadership Hiring
What are the sectors or industries MultiRecruit provides recruitment solutions for?

Multi Recruit provides recruitment solutions for the following Industries:

    1. IT
    2. BFSI/ FinTech
    3. E-commerce
    4. Healthcare/ HealthTech
    5. Real Estate
    6. Retail
    7. Marketing, Media, and Communication
    8. Outsourcing & Offshoring Industry
How will Multi Recruit add value to my company’s hiring process?

The team at Multi Recruit are multifaceted and come with over a decade of commended performance in the Staffing & Recruiting industry. Our multi-channel sourcing mechanism clubbed with our consultant’s expertise has resulted in over 80% successful project completion. Our core proposition of CUSTOMER FIRST approach, has enabled us to stand out as their Strategic Hiring Partners to our Clients and have helped us gain trust of over 300 customers worldwide.

Other key differentiators:

  • TAT – As low as 7 days
  • Experience – 10 + Years
  • Industry expertise – Over 12 Industries served
  • ATS & Process – Highly automated Process
  • Employer Branding
  • Post offer follow-up strategies
  • Onboarding assistance
How long does the entire process take from initial contact to the first day of the hired candidates?

We have a step wise bifurcated timelines for all the process:

  1. Initial Contact to Service Sign-up – Upto 3 Days
  2. Service Sign up to Profile Sharing – Upto 2 days
  3. Profile Sharing to Offer Roll out – Upto 15 Days (including interviews)
  4. Offer to Hire – 1 to 30 days (highly subjective to candidate’s Notice Period)

On an average, Initial Contact to Hire should take upto 35- 40 days.

What recruiting metrics do you track?

At Multi Recruit we utilise technology and use Metrics derived through our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The following metrics are tracked in our ATS by our Recruiters and MIS team.

  • Time to fill the vacancy
  • Sourcing channel mix
  • Source to shortlist
  • Source to interview
  • Source to Offer
  • Source to joining
  • Shortlist to interview
  • Shortlist to offer
  • Shortlist to joining
  • Interview to offer
  • Interview to joining
  • Offer to joining
  • And there are many more metrics relate to the job requirement, client, recruiter and performance. You can get in touch with us for more details.
How involved am I in the hiring process?

As am Employer there are a few crucial stages where you will be involved to the extent you need to be. Situations where feedback is need from you and your team is crucial for the recruitment process. The feedback on CV’s shortlisted, feedback on interviews, offer rollout, joining dates and candidate engagement requires you to collaborate with our recruiters to ensure quick turnaround time and the candidate is highly engaged thru this process. Your feedback and involvement will help in continuous improvement and help deliver a quick hiring process.

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